The Chocolate-Makers

Cioccolateria Buosi is a real Garden of Eden for chocolate-lovers. The sweet, subtle aroma is a delight for your senses, your heart and spirit. There are chocolate creations for every occasion: to give and receive a touch of real sweetness, and to take you on a sensual journey into a world of temptation. In our workshop at Vedano Olona, the art of chocolate-making takes on many and varied forms, reaching out all over Italy and even travelling across the Alps. The superb fineness of the chocolate is combined with meticulous attention to detail in all our infinitely varied products and forms of packaging.


Buosi Praline-Makers

Buosi epitomises chocolate in all its many possible forms: chocolate assortments, pralines, boules, truffles, passatempo biscuits, boeros, chocolate buttons, bonbons, chocolate bars, chocolate spreads and chocolate mixes are all part and parcel of Denis’ daily work.

The rich Buosi pralines, with milk, plain or bitter chocolate base, are combined with cinnamon, chilli pepper, apricots, black cherries, almonds, hazel nuts, pistachios, candied fruits, orange, coffee, rum, absinthe, limoncello, caramelised sugar, and all the other ingredients which pop up in the imagination of this very inventive Master Chocolatier. All these sweet delicacies are completely free from flavourings and preservatives.


Buosino®: when chocolate combines harmoniously with coffee

Denis was the originator of a drink which has now become something of a cult in Varese and beyond: Buosino®. It is a mixture of hot chocolate and coffee, topped with frothy milk and grains of dark chocolate, accompanied by a teaspoon of chocolate and always served in a transparent cup. The recipe has now been tested and registered and comes in several varieties: hot Buosino for winter, cold for summer, and soft with ice-cream. Gourmets will not be able to resist trying it.

Buosino has now been launched in America, Australia and parts of Europe, with a special kit for preparing it at home, or as a “take away” version in a convenient Tetra Pak.

You can now enjoy this journey of pleasure served in small or large cups, and at a ridiculously low price.


The many shapes of chocolate

The Master Chocolatier enjoys playing and inventing many different shapes and forms. Indeed, his creativity is limitless, ranging from “chocolate words”, a delightful gift which allows you spell out your favourite goodwill message in chocolate letters, to the chocolate games of “giocolosi”, and even to chocolate salami.




«It is not addiction that unites chocolate enthusiasts, it is love».

Denis Buosi