Delicious free gifts

His commitment to his work, and constant search for new and interesting ideas, make Denis Buosi the ideal person for creating innovative free gifts for companies, such as his delightful personalised chocolates. Creative ideas realised in chocolate can be used to accompany corporate events, and as gifts for employees or clients, and are very attractive to look at and equally good to eat.

The master chocolatier designs each of his creations with meticulous attention to detail; carefully selecting the most appropriate ingredients and best form of packaging. He is firmly convinced that a beautifully presented item is a crucial driver for sales, especially in an era where everything is readily available, and that attractive packaging can help position a company’s product in the luxury market.


Personalised chocolates

Denis’s gift for combining flavours in a novel and enticing way, a talent he has exploited in creating different types of chocolate, has led many important brands to apply to his workshop in Venegono Superiore for their own form of personalised chocolates. Buosi pralines can now be found in all corners of the world.

Whirlpool, Geox, Mercedes, Kodak, and Wolf are just some of the large companies with which Denis Buosi has collaborated.


A very sweet gift

Chocolate can be used to create any sort of shape or form. There are no limits to its creative potential. Our gift items can either be made with the three different types of chocolate (milk, dark, and white), or else by using coloured chocolate (in red, green, blue, and many other shades).

We can create a mould based on your company logo, a photo of your premises, or perhaps the product which best represents your business. You then just need to approve the prototype, and your free gift will be ready in a matter of days. The accompanying packaging will be specially designed to promote and highlight your particular brand.

Ensure you are noticed, stand out from the rest. Create some high quality free gifts for your business.


I like to think of my products as luxury items, which, apart from their intrinsic quality, are worthy of just the right packaging and input”.

Wise words from Denis… and sensible advice.