Denis Buosi is extremely versatile in the kitchen. His enthusiasm is not restricted to making cakes and pastries; indeed he is constantly studying different ingredients and their various beneficial properties. For him, the world of cooking is the subject of on-going research and exploration. He examines different combinations, mixtures and fusions in order to create his savoury pastries and delicious baguettes.

However, he does all this without ever neglecting those classic combinations which have distinguished the history of cooking and baking: traditional specialities which are beautifully packaged in attractive glass containers.

Our drinks

Denis does not only specialise in food. Another of his creative ideas has been a range of delicately flavoured fruit juices known as the “nettari del buonumore” (good cheer nectars). These top quality juices are made from carefully selected seasonal fruit, and attractively packaged for the customer.

Our kitchen wizard combines fruit, lemon, sugar and water, judging the quantities according to the type of fruit used, and creating blends and smoothies with exceptional flavours. They include: celery, green apple and ginger; fennel, carrot and orange; pineapple, vanilla and mandarin; tea, orange and cinnamon; granny’s lemonade; and tropical flavours such as guava, passion fruit and acerola.

The nectars are emulsified in a special mixer, using a vacuum-sealed system of cooking and concentrating which protects and enhances the flavour, colour and nutritional value of the ingredients. They are free of preservatives or thickeners, are very thirst-quenching, are rich in nutritional and health-giving properties, and contain at least 70% fruit pulp.