The Patisserie

The famous tradition of patisserie in Varese has combined with the skills and talent of Denis Buosi, to produce such items as “mignons” (pastry bites), biscuits, cakes, ice-cream cakes and chilled desserts, as well as classic local products like the famous Varese dessert and “Brutti e Buoni” biscuits.

The shop-windows of the patisserie are decorated with chocolate soufflés, millefeuille pastries, “zeppole bignolate” (doughnuts), fruit tarts, apple pies, Black Forest gateaux, sacher-torte, nougat, and spring cakes. Clearly, a lot depends on the time of year or the current festival.

We also make freshly-baked cakes for any occasion, which can be personalised with a company logo, the name of the guest of honour, or figurative decorations, at the request of the client.


Hand-made pastries

Our range of patisserie is made using only the best quality ingredients, which are carefully chosen and combined without the addition of any hydrogenated vegetable fats, chemical flavourings or preservatives.

All our pastries, chilled desserts and cakes are produced by hand using carefully-selected raw ingredients, choosing the best that Italy has to offer, including almonds from Avola, pistachios from Bronte, and hazel-nuts and chestnuts from Piedmont. To promote and support the surrounding area, we make use of local produce such as peaches from Monate and milk and cream from the main dairy in Varese.


Breakfast at Buosi’s

Our high-quality patisserie is ready first thing in the morning, with an assortment of brioches, girelles, kranzen, krapfen, muffins, tarts and croissants, all freshly-made using our own yeast culture. As an accompaniment to a Buosino®, or just on its own, one of our croissants makes a perfect start to the day. Fragrant and delicious, it can be either plain or filled, made with 5-grain flour or combined with raspberry jam. There’s something here to suit any taste.

Every day, we offer a range of wholesome cakes and pastries, so that you can start your day with just the right boost of energy, thanks to the very special delicacies produced by Denis Buosi.


The traditional panettone

Amongst our range of yeast-based cakes, our hand-made, traditional panettone is always the star of the Christmas period. The panettone produced by Buosi is special because it is made from 100% natural ingredients. The inclusion of natural yeast gives it a delicate flavour and texture, making it easily digestible. It is prepared using the method of triple chilling and double kneading with a 48-hour rising period. It does NOT contain any vegetable fats, or forms of preservative to extend its life. For this reason, it needs to be kept at room temperature (+18°C / + 25°C) and consumed as soon as possible.

This famous Christmas loaf is available in the following versions:


  • Traditional
  • Chocolate-covered but without candied peel
  • With dried fruit
  • With marrons glacés.